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Wix || DeviantArt, supporting an online art community of artwork, videography and photography. I helped  user experience design, data research, and presented strategy insights.


Identified key performance rewards

Presented data findings and performance questions

Aided multiple UX teams' processes and communications

My role

UX researcher, rewards and benefit system

Detect and prioritize problems

UX designer, suggest improvements

*For confidentiality reasons, I have omitted or obfuscated restricted information. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of While I can't share certain details of the research and deliverables, I can elaborate on my process and the general project scope.

The Problem

Evaluate and assess the current reward system that DeviantArt utilizes in order to help users express appreciation and engagement. Understand the why behind the successes and failures of the users' interactions by defining key aspects of the most valuable communication channels.

Research Process

I focused on implementing a UX research process that would ask challenging questions along each cycle stage. In order to clarify the critical pain points that would cause either user or feature friction points, I worked diligently on user flows with real users and coordinated corresponding designs.

Brainstorming and Ideation

I interviewed the main stakeholders involved, reviewed past research conducted internally, and evaluated major pain points to begin the ideation process. As I sat with product managers, we discussed different aspects of gamification that could be implemented and tested with our core user base, as well as onboarding new users.

Final Thoughts

My internship experience at Wix/DeviantArt was deeply enriching because it allowed me to implement my new UX tools and skills that I had learned during my MA program at the Reichman University (IDC) of Human-Computer Interaction. It also allowed me to realize that I want to purely focus on blockchain and NFT projects because I see it as a future asset for various industries, especially in the artist communities.
In many ways I felt like I was given the freedom to explore new and valuable interactions with stakeholders across the company. These interactions showed me the value of 1 on 1 conversations to better understand a dynamic web product.

I was empowered to let my personal interests of blockchain and NFTs permeate into my time spent at the company. Encouraged to bring my researched insights to educate others that may not have spent any time in the blockchain space before.

When challenged with timing and resources I found myself actively seeking out solutions that could then be shared with the team, this way I could still be moving the needle of productivity while other tasks were in queue. I will reflect back on my time at Wix/DeviantArt as one of the most valuable experiences of my budding professional career.


blockchain research


iot device




virtual reality



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